About the Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower for Yard Work

The best battery-powered lawnmower is a versatile tool that has enough power to take on large and small projects around your yard. It gives you the freedom and flexibility that comes with using a gas mower without the harmful emissions, and this is better for the environment as a whole. You can get several batteries to give you enough power to finish your whole yard, and the best battery powered lawn mowers offer different features to help you mulch, mow, and get a neat yard that boosts your curb appeal and stays healthy all year round. There are many reputable brands available, and this can make it challenging to find the best one.

However, I’ve done the research for you and picked out 10 of the best battery powered lawn mowers available on the current market. You can take a look and read the reviews before using them to compare the products to help narrow down the field. When you finish here, the short buyer’s guide I attached will highlight everything you need to know about picking out one of these types of mowers, and you can buy one with confidence knowing that it’s a great fit for your wants and needs.

The best battery powered lawn mower will help you tackle all of your projects around your yard while leaving you with a neat and clean look you can’t wait to show off all spring and summer long.

Yard Force Lawn Mower – Top Pick 

If you have a lot of vegetable containers like peas sitting around your yard, this best battery powered lawn mower can easily maneuver around them to give you a neat finished look. It’s my top pick because it comes equipped with a powerful brushless motor that gives you the torque you’d get with a traditional gas engine to cut through different grasses. The built-in sensors will give the lawnmower more power when you go through dense or wet grass, and you get up to 100 minutes of run time with a single charge. This is a self-propelled mower that removes a lot of the strain from your body when you mow up hills or in difficult areas, and you can easily set your chosen pace and adjust it as needed to stay comfortable from start to finish.

There is a 3-in-1 deck on this best battery powered lawn mower that will convert from rear-bagging mulching to a side discharge at the touch of a button. It has a Vortex tunnel design that will easily transfer your grass clippings to the bag at a 95% efficiency rate, and this extends the time you go between emptying out the bag. The 22-inch steel deck cuts larger swaths through your yard to help you finish the job quicker, and you get two batteries in each order to extend your mowing time. It comes with dual battery ports, and the mower runs on a single or double battery.


  • Built-in sensors
  • Can mulch or side discharge
  • Runs for 100 minutes per charge
  • 22-inch steel cutting deck
  • Self-propelled
  • 95% efficiency rate
  • Vortex tunnel design


  • The mulching bag is flimsy

EGO Power+ LM2021 Lawn Mower – Step-Up Pick 

Ego Power’s best battery powered lawn mower comes with a high-efficiency brushless motor that will last from season to season without burning out, and it has a durable 20-inch steel mower deck that withstands rust and corrosion when you use it in wet conditions. The entire mower has a weather-resistant construction that locks moisture out of the motor and other important parts to keep it running at top performance, and it has a 3-in-1 feature. This mower will mulch, put the grass clippings into a bag until you’re ready to empty it, or offers a side discharge option that leaves the clippings laying on your lawn. You can adjust your preferred setting in a few short seconds.

If you have any other tools that take these types of batteries, they have a universal design. This means you can swap them out with the best battery powered lawn mower to keep it running for longer while you charge a backup. When it’s time to store this product, the handle folds up compact to make it easy to fit into tighter spaces, and this is great news for people who have smaller garages or storage sheds. The 5.0 Ah batteries will charge in 40 minutes, and this lets you finish your yard quicker.


  • Universal battery design
  • Weather-resistant build
  • Charges in 40 minutes
  • Steel mower deck
  • Mulches, bags, and side discharges
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Easy to change settings


  • Doesn’t work well with leaves

Greenworks G-MAX Lawn Mower – Mid-End Budget Pick

Grass clippings and leaf mulch are excellent, inexpensive ideas to help keep your garden healthy, and Greenworks’ best battery powered lawn mower will help you get them each time you mow. This mower has a 16-inch deck that makes it a slightly smaller choice that is good for detail work, and you get four batteries and the charger to keep working without interruptions. There is a maximum cutting height of 1 ¼-inches and a minimum cutting height of 3 ⅜ inches that allows you to tailor your cutting height to your grass type, wants, and the look you’re trying to achieve.

This best battery powered lawn mower has a 2-in-1 feature that gives you the opportunity to use a rear bagging system to pick up the grass clippings as you move along, or it will mulch your grass clippings to help feed your yard and avoid thatching. This product works well for yards up to ½ acre large. It has a high-quality plastic body that makes this a lightweight option that is easy to maneuver and push. There is a five-position height adjustment lever that helps you cycle through the different cutting heights easily.


  • Five cutting heights
  • Bags and mulches
  • Smaller design
  • Best for yards up to ½ acre
  • Lightweight
  • Available in three styles
  • Has three sizes


  • The body is plastic and not as durable

TACKLIFE Lawn Mower – Bargain Budget Pick 

If you’re on a very tight budget, take a look at Tacklife’s best battery powered lawnmower. It comes with a 16-inch blade and a 13-amp motor that is powerful enough to cut through small or large lawns. There is a 13.2-gallon large-capacity grass collection box that allows you to go a long time between emptying it to keep your rhythm up, and it has a 95% grass harvest rate to give you a neat and clean look. The grass full indicator lets you know when it’s time to swap it out. There are five cutting heights with this lawnmower that ranges from 0.87-inch up to 2.76-inches, and there are three adjustable handle lengths that allow you to get a good fit for comfortable work.

When it’s time to store this best battery powered lawn mower, you can quickly and easily fold the handle down to a compact shape before putting it in your shed or garage. There is a double safety switch that ensures you get a safe start each time you use it, and it’s easy to manipulate and grasp the lever handle. The larger wheels on this mower make it easy to push and maneuver it around, and it helps to keep it very stable on uneven or hilly terrain.


  • 13-amp motor
  • Lower price point
  • Larger wheels
  • Five cutting heights
  • Adjustable handle
  • Folds to make storage easy
  • Double safety switch


  • Doesn’t give an even cut

Snapper XD Electric Lawn Mower – Best for Small Yards 

Snapper’s best battery powered lawn mower gives you up to 90 minutes of run time with the dual Briggs and Stratton 82-volt Lithium-Ion batteries. This makes it a good pick if you have a smaller yard or grassy area with walkways and paths to routinely trim up. There is a rapid charger on this product to get you back to work quicker, and you can choose from the mower with two batteries, the mower only, or the 19 or 21-inch kit. This helps you tailor your pick to suit your needs, and you can get the mower that will maneuver around your lawn ornaments and plants like a pro.

There is efficient load sensing smart technology with this best battery powered lawn mower that adjusts the power to meet your cutting needs as you move through wet grass or tangled areas to give you even results. There is a push-button start with seven different height adjustment options that let you cut different grass species to the correct height. You can side discharge, bag, or mulch your grass clippings, and there is a single lever to switch between the settings. It has a compact vertical storage capability that helps you save room in your shed or garage.

Worx WG743 Lawn Mower  – Best for Landscaping Projects

You get torque-on-demand from this best battery powered lawn mower from Worx with patented Intellicut technology that will automatically give the mower more power when the grass gets thicker, and it’ll dial back down in thinner areas to conserve the battery. The single lever adjustment lets you cycle through six different height settings to accommodate the changing seasons or your preferences to keep your grass lush and healthy. This mower is part of the Worx Power Share system, and this means you can share batteries between any 20 or 40-volt Worx tools without damaging them.

There is a cut to edge design on this best battery powered lawn mower that allows you to get extremely close to fences and landmarks, and this reduces the time you spend trimming your lawn when you finish mowing. There is a small battery charge indicator that will let you know how much battery life you have left at a glance, and there is also a full bag indicator that lets you know when it’s time to empty your clippings without overpacking it. This works great for smaller landscape projects because it gives you more time to focus on the details because you get a neat finish.


  • Worx Power Share System
  • Six height settings
  • Cut to edge design
  • Battery indicator
  • Full bag indicator
  • Automatically adds torque for thick grass
  • Quick charge


  • Battery life can drain quickly

BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower – Best for Edging

Anyone who is looking for a smaller mower that can convert to an edger should take a look at Black+Decker’s best battery powered lawnmower. You get three tools in one with this product, and it comes with a smaller 6.5-amp motor with a power drive transmission that gives you maximum performance when you trim through overgrowth, grass, and weeds. It has a slender profile that gets you right up to the walkways or other items in your yard to give you a clean finish, and it has a sleek black and orange color scheme that stands out when you store it to make it easy to pick out.

The lightweight design on this best battery powered lawn mower makes it easy to work for extended periods without straining your body. You get an adjustable handle with several different height position options that give you excellent control while keeping you comfortable, and the smaller profile makes it easy to store in tight spaces without running out of the room. The wider-spaced wheels give this product excellent stability while making sure that you don’t leave any uncut swaths of grass behind.


  • Converts to an edger
  • 6.5-amp motor
  • Slender profile
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable handle
  • Wide spaced wheels


  • Wheels don’t adjust

RYOBI Cordless Lawn Mower – Best for Bagging Grass Clippings

Ryobi’s best battery powered lawn mower has brushless technology combined with a 40-volt Lithium-Ion battery that delivers the same amount of power you’d get with a gas mower. There is a 6-Ah battery with this machine that gives you extended run time and more power with the push of a button. In turn, you can tackle all of your projects without having to stop and wait for it to charge. You can mulch or bag your grass when you cut it, and this leaves you a clean look that helps to avoid thatching, and the side-discharge prevents the mower from throwing grass clippings at you.

There is a single-point height adjustment with seven different options that allow you to set the height according to your grass needs and your preferences, and there are high-intensity LED headlights that allow you to mow in the cooler evening hours or after dusk without worrying about missing spots. There is an Easy-Lift single motion lock and release bagger that makes it easy to detach your clipping bag and get rid of the contents without having to struggle with it. The mower starts with a push button, and there is an on-board battery storage compartment that makes it easy to keep everything together.


  • Five years limited warranty
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Seven height adjustments
  • LED headlights
  • Push-button start
  • On-board storage
  • Handle folds down


  • Handle is flimsy

HENX Cordless Lawn Mower – Best for Large Yards

Henx’s best battery powered lawn mower has a large yard with low maintenance landscaping ideas in place because it comes equipped with a brushless motor. This motor ensures you get the job done quickly and efficiently, and it has a lower noise output that allows you to use it in more crowded areas without disturbing your neighbors. It also comes with a longer life because of this design, and you get a bigger 16-inch cutting deck that offers a great balance between cutting capacity and maneuverability. You’ll be able to work around your landscaping features while getting close enough to them that you don’t have to worry about going back to trimming a lot to get it to look nice.

This best battery powered lawn mower comes with a seven-position height adjustment with a cutting range that starts at 0.88-inches and goes up to 2.95-inches to let you cut different environments. There are several handle height positions that make this a comfortable option for uses of different sizes to use without experiencing fatigue. It can discharge from the side, mulch, or bag the grass clippings as you work, and there is a 45L grass bag included in each purchase. The handle folds down for easy storage and transportation, and there are all-terrain tires on this product.


  • Handle folds down
  • Larger collection bag
  • Low noise output
  • Brushless motor
  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • Handle adjusts
  • Seven cutting heights


  • Doesn’t do well in matted grass

BLACK+DECKER CM2043C Mower – Best for Mulching

The final best battery powered lawn mower on the list sees Black+Decker making another appearance. You get two 40-V Max Lithium-Ion batteries in every purchase that gives you double the run time. There is a 3-in-1 versatility with this product that lets you much, discharge on the side, or collect the grass trimmings as you go along. You can mow right to the edges of your yard or walkways without leaving that annoying strip of grass to come back later and trim, and this can reduce the time you have to spend working out in the yard. This mower works well for yards up to ¼ of an acre without running out of battery.

There is a single lever on this best battery powered lawn mower that you use to cycle through the various cutting heights starting at 1 ½-inches up to 4-inches without having to use any tools. You can choose from two styles, and one kit comes with an additional battery if you have a larger yard. When you purchase this product, it comes with a three-year limited warranty to protect you against part failure.


  • Two batteries included
  • 3-in-1 versatility
  • Cut right to the edge
  • Single height adjustment lever
  • Multiple cutting heights
  • Two styles available
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • The charger is very slow

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower Buying Guide 

When you’re shopping for the best battery powered lawn mower, there are several buying considerations you want to keep in mind. I’ll outline the biggest ones for you below, and this can help you make your final choice and pick the mower that is going to match your needs the best.

Battery Life

The battery life in the best battery powered lawn mower is extremely important because it directly dictates how long you’ll be able to work for between charges. The batteries can range between 36 and 120-volts, and many of them offer a run time of at least 90 minutes. If you have a larger yard or obstacles like dogwood trees, shrubs, or flowers around, you’re going to want the longest battery life possible to ensure you can cover all of the ground you need to before the battery dies.

Choose the best battery powered lawn mower with the longest run time so you don’t get stuck with a half-mowed lawn that has to wait until the battery finishes charging to complete it.

Cutting Deck

Just like with a regular lawnmower, you want to take a look at the cutting deck. The cutting deck will determine how much area you can cut in a single pass, and a larger deck will cover more ground and shorten your mowing time. However, a smaller deck allows you to get closer to the edges or maneuver around any items in your yard without a problem. Take a look at your own yard and decide what the best size cutting deck would be. They can be as small as 13 inches, but they can go up to 19 or 20-inches. The larger the cutting deck, the larger the mower will be.

Cutting Height 

What types of grass do you have on your lawn? If you’ve recently put grass seed down, go look and see what type it was. Different types of grass require different heights to stay healthy, and your best battery powered lawn mower should be able to adjust to this cutting height. May offer six or seven different heights you can set with a single lever. You don’t want long grass left over, but you shouldn’t cut it so short that it burns off and dies in the sun either.

The best battery powered lawn mower will be versatile and quiet enough for you to use to tackle all of your projects without disturbing your family or neighbors.


Anyone who lives in a more rural area won’t have to worry about the noise output on their best battery powered lawn mower as much as someone who lives in a heavily-populated suburban area. However, you should pay attention to noise levels. You don’t want to walk away from mowing your lawn and have hearing problems because it was so loud.

Bottom Line

Finding the best battery powered lawn mower is something you should take time and really consider. This can be an expensive purchase, but the results are well worth it. I encourage you to sort through my reviews of the 10 best battery powered lawn mowers for yard work and compare them. When you narrow your choice down to one or two, use the short buying guide to knock out the final products and make your final choice.


The original article was written by DIY Staff (Source: HappyDIYHome)

Courtesy of Jillian Stark, Editor of HappyDIYHome

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