JCB has 3 Products recognized as Top New Products of 2020

The JCB 1CXT, 2TS, and RS Generators awarded for innovation, efficiency, and outstanding safety.

Three JCB Machines, JCB RS Generators, the 1CXT Backhoe Loader, and the 2S-7T Compact Track Loader, have been recognized by Construction Equipment magazine as “Top New Products of 2020”.

Exceptional build quality is the hallmark of every JCB machine – and the JCB RS Generators offer a rental-ready range, including five Tier 4 compliant models ranging from 70kVA to 625 kVA. Designed with high-quality components, including the JCB Dieselmax engine and JCB’s LiveLink telematics system, the entire range can be mounted on fast-tow trailers for quick delivery, providing optimal performance hour after hour, day after day.

The 1 CXT Backhoe Loader is one of the smallest in the JCB loader range, offering outstanding versatility, maneuverability, and materials handling. Equipped with a 49 hp engine that requires no after-treatment, the 1CXT is efficient and easy to operate. An optional hand-held auxiliary tool circuit makes this machine a self-contained power source for a range of hand tools you need on the worksite, from chainsaws to jackhammers. And the machine’s compact size and low weight offer uncomplicated towing, often without a commercial driver’s license.

The 2TS-7T is another mark of JCB innovation. The world’s first and only small platform compact track loader with a telescoping boom, this machine has a full 7 feet of forwarding reach so operators can load both sides of a flatbed trailer from one side, or over obstacles for easy load placement. With a rated operating capacity of 2,096 lb with the boom retracted and 1,140 lb fully extended, the 2TS-7T allows you to lift higher, reach further, and dig deeper than any competing machine.

These exceptional JCB machines – the RS Generators, the 1CXT Backhoe Loader, and the 2S-7T Compact Track Loader are recognized by Construction Equipment as “Top New Products for 2020” because each machine offers innovation, greater productivity, exceptional efficiency, and outstanding safety. Everything you would expect from a JCB.

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