Sigma 4 presents its New Front Loaders at EDP

Sigma 4 looks toward the future. Doubling the level of its productions, increasing the technological innovation on its products, improving its presence on the foreign markets. These are some of the main objectives that the company, leader on the Italian market for the manufacturing of front loaders and implements in the service of the agricultural world, has set out to achieve, outfitted with its own abilities, its technical knowledge, and the engineering skills, things that are deeply connected to the positive reinforcement brought by the Morra’s family, the new owner of the company since last spring.

The Sole Director, Mr. Alberto Tavani, said:

“We’re excited and ready for a further change of pace. Despite the terrible scenario that we’re globally living because of the current health emergency, we’re responding with strength and determination, rewarded by the trust of our customers that gave us the concrete perspective of doubling the production by the middle of next year. Numbers reached thanks to the reliability and the adaptability of our services and products, always at the technological forefront through the increase of investments in research and development, with an adapted design capable to respond in a timely manner to the needs of the agricultural world: our mission since more than 40 years. All this expands our horizons worldwide, to strengthen and qualify our international presence, widening it even beyond the 50 markets that we already attend, from South Africa to Europe, from New Zealand to Chile. Our team is ready for these new challenges, and the arrival of the new ownership – that has intended to invest in our company – can only serve as a further stimulus to raise the bar”.

Signa 4, since the foundation of the company in 1975, update themselves thanks to the precious and steady work on the technological development that, mixed to the spirit of the “good craftsman” and to the passion for quality and excellence, allows to ensure that the products are easy to use and reliable, capable to adapt to the 95% of the tractor brands currently in productions on the international market.

The core production of Sigma 4 remains the range of front loaders for tractors, a sector in which the company of Russi (in the province of Ravenna) is recognized as a leader at the national level: the different leveling systems – manual, mechanical self-leveling, and hydraulic self-leveling -, the efficient, practical and safe system of quick release and coupling of the loader to the tractor (Velotak, internally developed) and the subframes that, “tailor-made” for any model of tractor, are a reference point for the market, are just some of the distinguishing features that guarantee the success of a range that is conceived with care to every little detail.

Moreover, Sigma 4 adds to the front loaders a range of products designed to meet the different needs of the agricultural work. The bulldozer blades for crawler tractors, the rear blades, and backhoes (with fixed or shifting frame) widen an offer that (to be complete) cannot leave out the implements: buckets, grabs, and forks, professional and specialized for every possible use in the farm.

Sigma 4  goes further. With a well-established and defined corporate mission. With specific targets. With new and ambitious challenges. Today as yesterday. Attacking the future. A future that will be there in the upcoming international trade fairs, where the company from Romagna will announce important product innovations that can finally be touched with hands. All that remains is to “hook” ourselves to Sigma 4 with confidence: the loader aims higher.