Vicon Presents the New Spreading Charts App and Website

Vicon has recently launched a complete new spreading chart website and App for smartphones. The App/website got a completely new design, navigation structure, and improved user-friendliness. Furthermore, instruction videos are added to help you to define the physical properties of your fertilizer and to set up the spreader correctly.

The App or website will give you direct access to the most up to date results of specialized testing and fertilizer experience. In just a few steps, the spreading charts App/website shows you the right settings for your Vicon fertilizer spreader.

1. Select your spreader model or enter your serial number.
2. Enter the working width, application rate, driving speed, and select your type of application.
3. Select the shape of your product to spread.
4. Fill out the density (kg/l) and the distribution (%). The distribution can be determined with the granule size box which is delivered with your Vicon spreader.
5. Select your type of vanes and get the results which are matching your entered settings and vane set.
6. Select the product you would like to spread and you immediately get the advice.

By following these easy steps, you are sure that you get the best spreading pattern possible in the field.

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Source: Vicon