New Holland North America announces harvester Partnership

“Encouraging relationships, empowering community.”

It’s the phrase that HarvestHER founder, Tracy Zeorian, says summarizes both the mission and purpose of the organization she created in 2016. HarvestHER is a nearly entirely online-based community comprised of women involved in agriculture, many of whom are part of custom harvesting operations in the United States.

New Holland Agriculture North America has sponsored HarvestHER since its inception and has chosen today, International Day of Rural Women, to announce its continued commitment to the organization, its members, and its mission.

“Throughout history, women have been the backbone of the world’s agriculture,”

said Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President.

“Today’s women in agriculture are farmers, researchers, business owners, and innovators. They produce more than half of the world’s food and hold the key to our sustainable future. At New Holland, today and every day, we celebrate their ingenuity, strength, determination, and passion for farming.”

HarvestHER is the brainchild of Zeorian, who after spending decades as a custom harvester, realized her stories and struggles from the road following wheat harvest each year from Texas to Montana were familiar to other women involved in harvesting and agriculture. Since its inception, HarvestHER has emerged as a premier online community for women in agriculture to share their stories and find a source of encouragement.

“HarvestHERs are the women whose families are involved in crop harvest,”

said Zeorian.

“It’s their stories – the sacrifices made and the struggles that come from being on the road, on the farm, or away from their families and friends that you’ll read on our site. These women give their all to make sure there’s food on your table and at the end of the day, they love what they do.”

In appreciation of HarvestHER and women in agriculture in North America, New Holland is hosting a virtual roundtable discussion with Zeorian, to discuss the challenges, success stories, and importance of community as they relate to rural women. The session will be recorded and posted to New Holland North America’s YouTube channel for public access in early November.

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