90% of Fertilizer Canada member companies have enough product on hand or on the way to get fertilizer to their farmer customers in time for spring seeding.

A successful growing season and harvest this fall will be critical to Canada’s long-term goal of recovery. Fertilizer — food for plant — is responsible for about half of crop yields.

The general view is: so far, so good.

“Fertilizer manufacturers, distributors and agri-retailers are doing everything they can to keep their customers, suppliers and employees healthy and safe.”

said Garth Whyte, President & CEO of Fertilizer Canada.

While the industry remains optimistic, there are business concerns related to COVID 19 including potential labor shortages, facility shutdowns, and the reliability of the supply chain. However, the vast majority of the industry believes this season will be normal, if not above average in terms of fertilizer demand and crop production.

The Canadian fertilizer industry has proven its adaptability in challenging situations to meet not only the needs of customers but any work along the supply chain. Once the Canadian economy works to bounce back from this challenging period, farmers and producers will undoubtedly play a leading role in the country’s economic recovery in the coming months.

“The fertilizer industry takes our role in feeding the world seriously. And know that farmers rely on fertilizer in the spring to ensure a successful harvest in the fall. By investing in the use of fertilizer today, farmers are growing hope for tomorrow.”

Source: Fertilizer Canada