Case CE presents its Wheel Loaders

Introducing the all-new G Series—a full range of powerful wheel loaders designed to control costs throughout the lifecycle of the machine.

Featuring new innovations that are as powerful as they are practical, highlights of the G Series wheel loader line include: best-in-class breakout force, patented SCR engine technology, and an all-new cab with improved ergonomics for operator comfort.

And that’s just for starters. Designed to succeed in any specialty application, every element of the G Series wheel loader line was analyzed and engineered to work together to provide real-world benefits that exceed industry standards for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Saving fuel without sacrificing strenght

Because of their variety of applications and varying engine loads, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology is the obvious choice for G Series wheel loaders. Rather than compromise power, SCR lets the engine do what it does best – run at peak performance.

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Plus, SCR is simple. No DPF to replace. No Regeneration exhaust temperatures. No regeneration downtime.

Only CASE G Series wheel loaders let you match engine output to the task at hand with 4 power modes: ECO for maximum fuel efficiency, STANDARD for quick loading, MAX for aggressive digging and AUTO for engine output that responds on the fly.

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G Series wheel loaders offer a five-speed transmission with lockup torque converter and computer-controlled clutch modulation. This efficient transmission improves acceleration, travel speeds and climbing power, and eliminates power loss — and the five-speed setup can also increase fuel savings. (Available on 621G, 721G, 821G, 921G wheel loaders.)

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The cab and operating environment of the G Series wheel loaders have been completely re-engineered to provide optimal operator performance, ergonomics, and engagement with both the controls and the surrounding job site. An 8″ LCD monitor provides the loader operator with simple control and greater insight over many loader functions and activities. A one-piece rounded windshield and optimally placed mirrors, along with a rearview camera that feeds the monitor, ensure full 360° visibility. An entirely new HVAC system ensures operators stay comfortable regardless of the outside conditions.

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CASE ProCare is the first all-in-one heavy machine support program that’s as powerful as the equipment it protects. Best of all, ProCare comes standard on G Series wheel loaders and keeps you covered for up to three full years. It’s the assurance growing businesses need to stay competitive, productive, and profitable.

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Source: Case CE