A&B Packing Equipment acquires Lakewood Process Machinery

This acquisition represents a pooling of the expertise of two major fruit and vegetable equipment manufacturers, and will produce a superior line of packing & processing equipment for the industry.

A&B Packing Equipment, Inc. for the last 20 years has specialized in fresh and process equipment for the small fruit & vegetable industry with a focus on high speed packing equipment for consumer packaging. A&B’s flagship line of equipment is the Evolution series of high speed weigh and fill packing machines, which have the ability to pack clamshells, punnets, bags and boxes all with one machine. “The Evolution has dominated the mainframe fresh packing market for the past five years and continues to grow into other markets and industries worldwide” according to Fred Pieplow, A&B President.

Lakewood Process Machinery has specialized in process industry for a wide variety of products for over 50 years. During this time they have been responsible for many innovations in sizing, de-stemming, conveying, washing and drying of the agricultural and food processing industry.

Both companies are extremely proud of the quality of their equipment, the quality of their personnel, and the quality of their service. “Customers can expect the same focus, the same high quality service and the same team effort that you have come to know” says A&B founder and CEO Bob Williamson. A&B Packing Equipment, Inc. will now be a company of more than 100 employees, with offices in Lawrence, Michigan, Hartford, Michigan, and a presence in Holland, Michigan.

Source: A&B Packing equipment