The Mahindra Retriever is designed to be a rugged and durable power sports vehicle that’s capable of handling pretty much any type of terrain, no matter how difficult.

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Cliff Jones Mahindra Tractor in Sealy, Texas, is the Houston-area Mahindra Retriever dealer; down here there are some of our top recommendations to undertake while preparing for the next off-roading adventure.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Before going anywhere, it’s important to fully understand the UTV and how it functions. This guide is specifically designed to give you all the facts about how your vehicle operates and what each control does, in addition to providing maintenance recommendations.

Master Your Retriever

If you’re the proud owner of a brand-new Mahindra Retriever, it’s a good idea to allow yourself some time to practice driving it so that you understand how it works. Take it to an open, empty area with few obstacles so that you can practice turning, reversing, braking and maneuvering. If you need assistance with learning these tasks, you can look into taking a Powersports riding course.

Do an Inspection

It’s smart to give your Retriever a once-over before you trailer it up and head out on your adventure. Check the tire pressure and condition, making sure that the psi levels are sufficient and that there are no embedded objects or cracks in your tires. Inspect the oil to make sure it’s clean and runny, and top it off. Fill up your gas tank with the appropriate fuel. Try out the brakes and steering to see whether anything seems amiss.

Pack Supplies

You don’t want to head out into the wilderness without preparing yourself for any eventuality. This means that you should stock your Mahindra Retriever with all the necessary emergency supplies, including a toolkit for repairs, a tire patch kit, a first-aid kit, your GPS unit, your phone with charger, an air compressor, a flashlight, a knife, a means of starting a fire, extra gasoline, waterproof gear, food, sunscreen, bug spray, water and a paper map of the area.

Gear Up

Finally, you’ll want to get yourself ready to go with the appropriate safety gear. The most important item you need to wear is a well-fitting helmet. Either a motocross or motorcycle helmet will do. If your helmet doesn’t have a full face mask, wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris. Riding gloves, ankle boots with good tread, jeans or corduroys and a sturdy long-sleeved shirt or jacket will serve to protect your skin from abrasions and from the sun.

Source: Cliff Jones Mahindra Tractor


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