Grain Growers urge federal government to seek resolution to rail delays

On behalf of Canadian grain, oilseed and pulse producers, the Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) are imploring the federal government to seek a resolution to the rail delays.

GGC Chair Jeff Nielsen said:

“These delays caused by the blockades will have immediate, unintended consequences for farmers across the country. As farmers, we work hard to grow the best crops for our markets around the world. By cutting us off from our customers our industry, economy, and, ultimately, our reputation as a reliable shipper is at risk.”

GGC represents farmers from coast-to-coast who generate billions in economic activity for our world-class grain. In fact, the majority of what GGC members produce is destined for international markets and ports around the globe.

“We are an industry that relies on export markets in order to survive and thrive. Without access to these markets via rail, we risk compounding further losses on top of what has already been harvest from hell,”

added Nielsen.

These delays – on top of the existing supply chain challenges from a previous CN strike and a cold spell across the prairies – have contributed to an already difficult winter. A timely resolution is needed in order to get grain back on the trains.

Any delay may result in losing out on critical markets that purchase our grains and oilseeds through our eastern, western and southern corridors.

Source: Grain Growers of Canada