[Job story] Craig Slobodian from RedHead Equipment

Craig Slobodian, CE Corporate Sales Manager – Regina, 26 years

Craig Slobodian started working for Redhead Equipment 26 years ago as
the assistant controller focusing on accounting, payroll, and some human resources
duties. The company was much smaller back then, under 100 employees and the
position covered a lot of ground. He then became the regional sales manager for
Southern Saskatchewan, and has since become the Corporate Sales Manager for

When Craig talks about life in sales he says the day to day can be unpredictable.

“We get surprises daily, customers get new jobs, have breakdowns and changes, we’re busy every day and things can change drastically by the end of the day. One of the bigger challenges of his role is being able to adapt under pressure with the ever changing customers. Some people need to have a plan, however the group we have in sales seem to work pretty well in panic mode and are able to adapt in pressure situations.”

Craig stated regarding the challenges the sales team faces. The daily challenges are all worthwhile though, knowing our equipment and service is satisfactory to our customers, and how we partake in their business success. Craig says:

“There is satisfaction knowing our equipment was a part of something great like the recent by-pass construction.”

The tagline “Whatever It Takes”, used by RedHead, is demonstrated daily and Craig remembers a time when he and a colleague made a part out of a hockey puck for a customer when they couldn’t find the part they needed in time for the fix.

At the question about why he has stayed with Redhead for so many years and he said it’s a family culture he answered:

“The staff and customers feel like family, lots of friendships are made, its way more than a business.”

Quick questions:

Redhead Equipment is celebrating 70 Years, why do you think the company has been around so long?

“We’re different because we’re a big company that still functions like a little company. The personal touch and feel we use when working with customers, we’re very creative.”

What does Redhead mean to you?

“It’s more than a job, feels like family, and having an employer that gives back at the level they do with Gary’s leadership, it’s a very respectable company and a great place to work”.

Do you have any advice for employees new to Redhead Equipment?

“There is a ton of experience here in these walls, rely on your team and learn from them. Build relationships and lean on others for support”.

Do you have a favourite place to visit?

“Phoenix, Arizona”

If you have an hour of spare time, what do you find yourself doing?

“Sometimes I play video games, however I’m usually spending time with the family and kids”.

Source: RedHead Equipment