Lozova Machinery presented maintenance-free units

Lozova Machinery has presented new products at Agritechnica 2019, according to their concept “zero maintenance”.

The Chief Designer of the company Aleksey Grynenko said:

“Our machinery has been improving and becoming more autonomous, efficient and comfortable to work with. We are committed to helping farmers to solve complex agronomic problems, keep and increase yields, coping with climate disasters and adhering to high environmental standards. Therefore, we have completely removed lubrication points from our units, so that their owners will be able to concentrate on their work, without spending valuable time on maintenance of equipment”

According to him, earlier this concept concerned implements with small width up to 4 meters, while another new units still had lubrication points on ball joints of hydraulic cylinders.

The company is completing works on the updated compact disc harrow DUCAT with a width of 8 meters, which will not have a single lubrication point, including on the hinges of hydraulic cylinders.

From 2020, all Lozova Machinery wide-range machines will have such advantages.

Such advantage is achieved due to application in HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units improved lubricants and durable multi-lip seals that reliably protect the bearings from dust, dirt and other factors of the aggressive environment.

In addition, on all movable mechanisms simple bushings have been replaced by plain bearings made of high-strength wear-resistant polymers.

Additives of reinforcing materials and special lubricants reduce friction and completely eliminate lubrication of structures throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

Due to such solutions, farmers will reduce operating costs and minimize the unproductive downtimes, repairs, maintenance, additional adjustment, which is especially important in the sowing and harvesting period.

Roman Girshfeld, President of Lozova Machinery,  said:

“At the moment, there are no analogues of “zero maintenance” concept from any manufacturer. LOZOVA MACHINERY became the first and only brand to introduce such a unique system”

It should be noted that Lozova Machinery becomes innovators of the industry not the first time, and not only in Ukraine.

Thus, among the world’s first we launched serial production of compact disc harrows DUCAT (this year we are celebrating 10th anniversary) with individual spring 3D tine.

Source: Lozova Machinery