The new ClaasAPS SYNFLOW HYBRID threshing unit forms the heart of the LEXION 8000 and 7000. Their engine output of up to 790 hp/581 kW takes the new models into a new performance class. An intuitive control concept and a new cab provide a very high degree of comfort. DYNAMIC POWER adjusts the engine output to the operating conditions and ensures outstanding fuel efficiency.

The JAGUAR 990 takes the maximum engine output available in the 900 model series to 925 hp / 680 kW. With CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE, the JAGUAR keeps the set speed constant and regulates engine power and driving speed according to the crop mass. As the crop mass increases, the engine power is first increased and then the driving speed is reduced. If the crop mass is lower, the engine power is reduced automatically. This keeps the engine speed constant and eliminates abrupt load changes. This results in an even crop flow with high operational reliability and lower fuel consumption.

DataConnect is an interface in cooperation with 365FarmNet, CLAAS, John Deere and CNH Industrial. For the first time, it enables the exchange of important machine data between the web portals of different manufacturers and thus allows the user to monitor the information of his mixed machine fleet in the system of his choice. Previously, this required much more effort. The interface is open for further participants.

Source: Claas