Pottinger presents new optional glide bar

The engineers at Pöttinger have delivered a key innovation: with the new, optional glide bar replacing the jockey wheel on the TOP 842 C rotary rake, dirt ingress is reduced by tracking the entire surface of the ground close to the tines. The innovative guide bar comes into a class of its own on wet and peaty soils with deep wheel marks.

The wheels used on the chassis of the rakes are configured in various ways (tandem, pendulum axles, different number of wheels) with jockey wheels fitted at different locations (e.g. Pöttinger’s MULTITAST ground tracking wheel for riding over large undulations in the ground). These ensure the best possible tracking of the ground to reduce dirt ingress in the forage.

The innovative feature of the new FLOWTAST glide bar is the wear-resistant plastic that is used as the ground contact material. Its high volume sabre shape delivers the best gliding characteristics even when moving sideways. The glide bar tracks the ground along the full raking length of the tine arc.

Courtesy of Pottinger

The glide bar is very cost effective and therefore has a positive effect on yield: the suspension properties of the glide bar allow an approximately 10 percent higher driving speed. Thanks to lower vibration and smoother running as a result, the rake is subject to a much lower level of wear. Downtimes are reduced because repairs to worn or bent jockey wheel units are no longer necessary. A higher milk yield also increases profits. This is achieved by reducing the dirt ingress to the forage. Even in very difficult ground conditions, the glide bar provides uniform full area tracking to hold the tines at an ideal distance to the ground.

The Pöttinger FLOWTAST glide bar excels in problematic conditions, such as wet or peaty soils, when working with whole crops with an open sward, where there are deep tyre marks in the field (tramlines, irrigation system marks) or in areas damaged by wild boar or grazing animals.

Source: Pottinger