U.S. High Quality Farmland Map

The map of the U.S. above identifies our best—most fertile and productive—land threatened by development. The red areas represent high-quality acres in the path of development, the green areas the high-quality acres less threatened. Every state in the nation lost some of its very best land to sprawling development.

While this loss is regrettable, it is not inevitable. We know how to save our farmland; we simply must do more. Communities, states and now the federal government are working to protect this irreplaceable resource by:

  • Stopping the loss of our best farmland through effective planning and smart growth that directs development to less productive land;
  • Permanently saving farms through publicly funded agricultural conservation easement programs;
  • Supporting farming practices that enhance the environmental benefits of farmland; and
  • Expanding efforts to increase the profitability of urban-edge farming.

Source: farmland.org