It still has that unique STEYR look about it and is designed to target customers who are looking for a high performance, compact tractor packed with superior comfort.

The CVT is equipped with S-ControlTM CVT transmission, Stage V engine with HI-eSCR2, a 110 l/min high performance CLSS hydraulic pump, front axle and cabin suspension as well as a spacious cab.

“This tractor is one of our responses to developing requirements of our customers, as the Expert CVT now makes CVT technology available in the 100hp segment. And as our dealers often represent our eyes and ears towards the customers, it was a pleasure for us to launch the STEYR Expert CVT at this important dealer meeting”, highlights Christian Huber, Vice President Global Tractor Product Management.

Four models of the STEYR Expert CVT will be available with 4.5 litre NEF engines from FPT Industrial.

The tractor will be available with a rated power of 100hp (4100 Expert CVT), 110hp (4110 Expert CVT), 120hp (4210 Expert CVT) and 130hp (4130 Expert CVT). Thanks to the proven and Stage V compliant 4 cylinder NEF 4.5 litre engine, all four models offer a max curve of +10hp. The dedicated after treatment system (ATS) was designed to conveniently fit under the engine bonnet, thus providing optimum visibility for the operator. All components of the ATS are contained in the compact all-in-one unit under the bonnet. This design allows for an improved forward down visibility.

“The name “Expert” for the new STEYR tractor range was deliberately chosen to highlight the perfect balance between compact design along with best in class comfort”, says David Schimpelsberger, Product Marketing Manager Europe. He adds: “This new tractor offers experts’ features for increased versatility in grassland operations, arable farming, transport and cultivation as well as all kinds of municipal work.”

The two range CVT transmission, fully developed in-house, is at the core of the new Expert CVT range. This transmission offers seamless acceleration and travel from standstill to the maximum speed of 40 kph which can be achieved with an eco-function at a reduced engine speed, hence allowing for a remarkable fuel efficiency. Operating with Double Clutch Technology (DCT) for optimum performance, the CVT transmission also offers Active Hold Control as a standard feature for easy starting and stopping even on sloping roads and fields.

Also under heavy load, the S-ControlTM CVT transmission with S-TRONIC engine-transmission management quickly finds the optimum gear ratio for seamless power and maximum torque. A new electronic controller manages the entire CVT transmission, not only providing quicker speed changes but also ensuring higher engine efficiency at all speeds. This principle ensures that engine power is used to the maximum and most efficiently whilst reducing overall running cost.

The large and spacious cabin comes with a four pillar design to offer the best operator environment in this class. Excellent visibility along with cab and front axle suspension are some of the pleasant features of this highly comfortable cab. The common control layout and user interface allows operators to quickly get accustomed to the Expert CVT and achieve a high working efficiency.

Source: steyr tractor