Capital injection and a new shareholder for Dewulf

Dewulf, full-liner in agricultural machines for potatoes and carrots, stands stronger than ever in the market after a capital injection by family shareholders Hendrik Decramer and Thomas Decan, in collaboration with investor Jan Clarebout. These three parties now collectively own all the shares of Dewulf Group. The manufacturer remains an independent family company, and no changes will be made to the current management. The fresh capital will enable Dewulf to pursue its vision with more conviction than ever before, which means a strong focus on far-reaching automation and customer-orientation.

Investment to solidify position

Dewulf has been a true family company since its founding, and that will remain so after this capital injection. The brothers-in-law Hendrik Decramer and Thomas Decan, both active directors and family shareholders of the third generation, have teamed up with Jan Clarebout to buy out the other family shareholders of Dewulf Group (families Dewulf and Decramer). The trio now control 100% of the shares of this group. ‘Jan Clarebout’s financial investment through his holding confirms we are on the right track with our vision,’ says Hendrik Decramer, current director at Dewulf and one of the founder’s grandsons. ‘Although Jan Clarebout is a silent partner and has no ambition to become involved in the daily management of Dewulf, we will certainly benefit from his knowledge of the potato sector.’ The capital injection will provide stability, and the new funds confirm that Dewulf Group is an indisputable player in the potato industry.

Family values that really click

The decision to join forces with Jan Clarebout was a carefully considered one. ‘Dewulf’s values are robustness, reliability and respect. As a true West Flanders family business, we felt it was important to work with someone who understands us,’ says Hendrik Decramer. ‘We have a real click with Jan in terms of mentality.’ Of course, Jan Clarebout is no stranger to the potato sector. He is the founder of the successful Clarebout Potatoes, a Belgian family company specialised in pre-fried, frozen potato products. Jan Clarebout says, ‘Naturally I was familiar with Dewulf, and when I got the chance to take part in their successful undertaking, I did so out of personal interest. My contribution should be seen as purely capital investment. Moreover, the investment in Dewulf Group has no connection whatsoever with Clarebout Potatoes.’

Confirmation of the current approach

‘With the capital injection we are now stronger than ever,’ says Hendrik Decramer. ‘We see the challenges in the market and are itching to tackle them. This initiative was necessary to accelerate our existing plans.’ The current management still has our full confidence. ‘There are also no changes anticipated in our current workforce, other than in connection with growth,’ confirms Hendrik Decramer, who will become the new CEO of Dewulf Group.

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