Lamborghini presents a range of tractors in the brand’s unmistakable style

Lamborghini Trattori will present an extensive offer at SIMA 2019 in Paris, ranging from the new Spire 100.4 to the Spark 185 VRT.

Among the light and compact models, the Spire 100.4 stands out with a significant revamp to its livery in keeping with the brand’s family feeling. Its lines now sport rounded corners outlining a compact and clean structure. Equipped with the latest generation FARMotion engine with a 2,000 bar Common Rail system, this range’s power unit is known for its flexibility and speed, along with its reduced noise and fuel consumption. The EGR exhaust gas recirculation system combined with DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) post treatment makes these tractors Stage III B compliant.

We can also see the versatility, efficiency and practicality of Spire in the transmission available in the 30+15 mechanical version with mini and super gear unit or in the three-stage Powershift version for a total of 45+45 speeds. The hydraulic shuttle’s Stop&Go system allows you to stop the tractor and then set off again fluidly and smoothly, just using the brake pedals, for easier use in barns and when haymaking. The Overspeed technology also provides a speed of 40 km/h with the engine running in economy mode. The open-centre hydraulic system with a 54 l/min pump and 6-way auxiliary valves with flow control optimises the use of equipment. The rear lift, also available with electronic control, boasts a maximum capacity of 3,600 kg, while the optional front lift, with a capacity of 2100 kg, can be equipped with a PTO 1000. The electro-hydraulically engaged rear PTO allows for great efficiency and low operating costs when using any equipment.

The tractors presented at the Paris fair also include the brand new Spire S 100 VRT, which combines a sophisticated and exclusive design with the highest level of technological innovation, never before seen on a specialised tractor.

The highly advanced technology can be seen in options such as the active suspension of the front axle with independent wheels, in the ISOBUS, in the new MaxCom armrest, in the innovative continuously variable transmission, and in the completely redesigned cab. There is also the FARMotion engine designed specifically for agriculture and a modular hydraulic system that comes with a Load Sensing pump capable of delivering 100 l/min, and electronically controlled rear and centre valves that can be programmed for priority, flow and timing.

The 3-cylinder FARMotion engine (4-cylinder versions 90.4, 105 and 115) stands out for its 2,000 bar Common-Rail injection system, electronically controlled viscostatic cooling fan and Stage III B compliance obtained by applying the maintenance-free DOC catalyst.

A wide range of hydraulic configurations are available: powered by an extremely powerful 100 l/min Load Sensing pump, which can also be delivered at engine speeds of just 1850 rpm, plus an additional 42 l/min pump dedicated exclusively to power steering.

The meticulous application of the most advanced ergonomic paradigms provides the new cabins of the Spire S VRT with a higher class of comfort, thanks also to the flat platform and the extreme versatility of the configurations and the InfoCentrePro, the new high-resolution colour display which integrates all the main functions of the machine, including the innovative Comfortip, i.e. the automatic management of headland operations. In the medium range the Spark 120-130-140, comes in an intermediate model, the Spark 130 VRT.

The technology is extremely advanced, not only with its modern, continuously variable VRT transmission, but also because of the popular Stage IV-compliant FARMotion engine. Completing the offering is the latest generation hydraulic system, and cab fitted with a wide range of accessories, including Agrosky automatic satellite guided steering.

The continuously variable gearbox of the Spark VRT combines the driving comfort typical of hydrostatic transmissions with the high efficiency of mechanical transmissions. The operating economy in the field, but especially that on the road, is unparalleled: The vehicle can travel at 40 km/h with the engine at a reduced rpm. The Trailer-Stretch function further boosts comfort and safety when driving on the road, also providing greater stability when braking with heavy towing trailers, while two additional functions such as the ASM and radar further improve productivity in the field.

The FARMotion engine is an advanced four-cylinder turbocharged engine with waste-gate valve and intercooler, which uses the well-known 2,000 bar Common Rail electronic injection to ensure exceptional responsiveness even at lower revs and optimised power and torque delivery for both open field and road transport use. The HEB (Hydraulic Engine Brake) is a significant innovation, which can be operated by a foot pedal ergonomically positioned on the platform, acting on the hydraulic circuit of the tractor, on the viscostatic fan with ‘e-Visco’ electronic control and on the transmission, to effectively decelerate the vehicle without overloading the braking system. The multiple oil-bath discs on all wheels, the HPB (Hydraulic Parking Brake) as well as the Powerbrake brake system come as standard: With a minimum draft on the corresponding pedal a response always comes quick, is powerful and adjustable, with the guarantee of being able to carry out up to 10 emergency stops even after the engine has been switched off.

The rear PTO operates in three modes: 540 rpm, 540 ECO and 1,000 rpm. The modular electro-hydraulic coupling and the Auto PTO function also come as standard, meaning coupling and uncoupling is automatic according to the position of the tool connected to the three point hitch. A PTO synchronised with the transmission with independent output shaft is available on request.

The hydraulic system has also been designed to offer maximum performance with minimum energy expenditure. A 120 l/min, Load Sensing pump is available with up to 10-way electronically controlled outlets, as well as two hydraulic ways also on the front.

                                                                                Spire 100.4

The rear lift has a maximum capacity of up to 7,000 kg with the use of additional cylinders, and always comes with electronic control and anti-dumping as standard. A new powerful front lift is also available as an option with a maximum capacity of 2,880 kg, which can be used with a PTO at 1,000 rpm.

The Spark range goes up to 215 hp, including the ultra-modern models on display at the Paris fair – Spark 165 RCshift and Spark 185 VRT, high quality tractors characterised by great reliability and technology unmatched in their segment.

The unmistakable Lamborghini style embellishes the Spark 155-215 with a superb exclusive and refined livery, with the aim of offering tractors of high quality, exceptional reliability and with advanced technology.

The Spark 165 RCshift is equipped with a 6-cylinder Deutz Stage IV engine with SCR and passive particulate filter (DPF), which does not need to regenerate through additional diesel injections, producing less heat under the bonnet and at the same time-saving fuel. The new ZF transmission is fully automatic, with automated range control enabling a speed of 40 km/h with the engine running at just over 1200 rpm. And thanks to its ‘intelligent’ management, the tractor adapts to the operator’s driving style.

The PTO equipment also provides maximum choice, thanks to the availability of all 4 speeds on the market (540, 540 ECO, 1,000 and 1,000 ECO), of course with a proportionally engaged electrohydraulic clutch At the front, the PTO is available as an option, in both 1,000 rpm and 1,000 ECO modes. The PTO is available at the front as an option in 1,000 rpm.

The main system pump offers a standard flow rate of 84 l/min, which on request can be increased to 120 or 160 l/min, while to ensure maximum fluidity of operation an additional pump is used for the power steering. The maximum capacity of the rear lift is 10,000 kg, while with the front lift (optional) is up to 5,480 kg.

                                                                          Spire S 115 VRT

The new MaxiVision and MaxiVision 2 cabs, separated from the engine bonnet, offer high levels of comfort and ease of use of controls and functions. The new InfoCentrePro has a 5″ colour display, combined with an armrest equipped with a multifunction joystick, to manage the tractor’s operating parameters: from speed and direction of travel to the many automated functions. The new Spark 155-215 series is ready for ISOBUS and the most advanced Precision Farming functions.

The heart of the Spark 185 VRT is the state-of-the-art Stage V-certified Deutz engine. The updating of these product ranges not only involves engine components, but also includes the onboard electronic systems with the introduction of the new 12″ touchscreen terminal, the iMonitor 3, and a new management software capable of monitoring and managing all the machine’s operating parameters. The VRT transmission, available in three MANUAL/AUTO/PTO driving modes, allows continuous speed adjustment for maximum efficiency during field operations and maximum driving comfort during road transfers. To meet the increasing demands of the equipment, the hydraulic system of the Spark 185 VRT comes with a 120 l/min Load Sensing pump that can be increased, on request, to 170 l/min while the PTO offers all four standardised speeds (540/540E/1000/1000E) as standard.

Source: SDF, Lamborghini 

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