Removing stones have never been easier

There is big need for elimination of the hard work of manual stone picking within farming. The Kongskilde Stonebear stone picking machine is an attractive alternative to the hard manual work and further it helps to protect harvesting machinery against damage. The Stonebear stone picking machine automates the stone picking and comes in a rugged design for on-going and continuos operation. It is created by Kongskilde, an originator of mechanical stone picking machines.

Rake and collect in one operation
The Stonebear rakes are designed to follow the contours of uneven fields thanks to the adjustable depth control wheels. The reverse rotating rakes and the heavy duty spikes, made of high tensile steel in a spiral arrangement, draw the stones to the center of the machine onto the sieve. The heavy duty vibrant Kongskilde tines, engage the drum sieve and throw stones into the hopper. Soil and smaller stones are effectively separated through the sieve.

Built for long working life
The Kongskilde Stonebear is a solid structure of high quality material, designed for a long working life with features like the power transmission which consists of V-belts to protect against overload and absorb shock forces when the drum or rakes engage a large stone. Or the heavy duty vibrant Kongskilde tines, made of convex steel, with a specially developed shape for optimal strength.

  • Working width 4.0 meter (SB 4000) and 5.2 meter (SB 5200) and high capacity of up to 1 tons of material per minute
  • Designed for efficient collection of stones from approx. 2,8 cm to 30 cm
  • Unique hydraulic dumping system for easy discharge into dump trailer, truck or pile
  • Narrow transport width of 2.6 m for convenient and safe road transportation


Stonebear SB 4000

The working width of Kongskilde Stonebear SB 4000 is 4.0 meter. The max diameter of stones to be collected is 30 cm. The minimum size of stones collected depends on the replaceable sieve. The sieves are available for collecting stones with a minimum diameter from 2.8 cm to 7 cm. Stones of a bigger size are going to the hopper while smaller stones and soil is passing through the sieve.

The hopper has a capacity of 1.8 cu m. When the hopper is full, a unique hydraulic dumping system allows easy discharge directly into a trailer, truck or a pile in the corner of the field. The hopper has a tipping height of 2.3 m.

The Kongskilde Stoneber SB 4000 Stonebear operates with a low tractor power requirement of about 72 hp (55kW). The Kongskilde Stonebear SB 4000 has a max working depth of 7 cm. The working speed depends on the soil condition, but can be up to 6 km/h.

The stone rakes are raised hydraulically in one smooth operation to a safe transport width of only 2.6 meter.

Kongskilde can also supply the Stonebear SB 5200 with a working width of 5.2 meter. Both the working width of 4.0 m and 5.2 m provides for a one-man operation, great capacity and efficiency.

Kongskilde Stonebear 4000