ARX 91 Articulated Tandem Roller Unveiled

Machine Makes Quick Work from Thin to Thick Layers

Ammann has introduced the ARX 91 Articulated Tandem Roller, a machine that is able to compact from thin to thick asphalt layers in fewer passes with its high compaction output.

“A combination of drum dimensions, frequencies and amplitudes provide productivity and flexibility on a variety of jobsites,” said Dhruv Patel, Global Product Strategy – Machines. “The combination of features and setting possibilities, in addition to a unique propulsion system, help the ARX 91 efficiently achieve optimum compaction results. ”The machine´s high output enables compaction goals to be met in minimal passes. “The ARX 91 can reach the same compaction goals as heavier competitive models – but with lower fuel consumption and reduced operation and maintenance costs,” Patel said.

Applications include medium and large jobsites, including paving projects related to infrastructure, such as roads, airfields, harbours and parking lots. The ARX is particularly adept at compacting from thin to thick layers of asphalt.

The compactor utilises a Cummins BS-III/Tier 3/Stage 3A engine. With a weight of 9 tonnes, it serves a highly demanded market segment. The machine’s propulsion system is unique to the market. It utilises an efficient hydraulic system, traction control and speed sensors. This enables smooth starts and stops that improve asphalt mat quality. The location of the engine in the rear of the roller is another advantage. This placement helps drive vibration away from the operator and toward the compaction target. It also improves visibility and redirects heat from the operator, thereby increasing comfort.

Articulated Tandem Roller

The machine’s electronic joystick controls are intuitive, helping even inexperienced operators succeed. A tight turning radius improves operator control and manoeuvrability. A large water tank (1000 litres) minimises the need for refills.

The ARX 91 has maximum working speed of 7 km/h, maximum travel speed of 12 km/h and gradeability of up to 40 per cent.

Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE), Ammann’s proprietary Intelligent Compaction system, is available as an option. ACE monitors density and provides feedback, helping to reduce the number of passes. It also eliminates both overcompaction and undercompaction and reduces fuel consumption.

Ease of maintenance is an added benefit. All service and maintenance points can be accessed from the ground, and bearings are self-lubricating.


Source: Amman news

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