LAMMA 2019

After the second day of Lamma 2018 being cancelled due to inclement weather conditions, it was great to be under cover at the NEC in Birmingham for Lamma 2019.

This show certainly had a big feel about it and it was a very professionally organised event. Abbey Machinery’s stand was very busy throughout the show with milk and meat producers from both UK and Ireland attending.

On display was a black 4000T Abbey Tanker, complete with 12m Swing-up Applicator, internal whisk, turbo filler etc. This created great interest and was an impressive piece of kit. In addition, there was the NEW VF2450 Plus Diet Feeder with all its added features (including 50% thicker auger, new style gear box mounting, safety platform, door wedge for rapid emptying and new style clock support for additional user safety etc). There was also the 2750R complete with Band Spreader on display. This 7.5m Band Spreader can be retrofitted onto the back of existing tankers. Attendees were impressed with how it was mounted on the tanker.

Overall farmers and contractors were keen to get solutions for their own businesses including bespoke built machines, fast filling and emptying options for tankers, various applicator systems to deliver slurry to exactly where the maximum benefits is got (while minimising the negative impact to the environment), tyre options that give best results on the road and on land and much, much more.

Diet Feeding solutions to enhance animal performance, reduce labour, reduce feed costs and help farmers to properly utilise wholesome locally available feeds.

Source: Abbey Machinery.