Great day at the Energy in Agriculture 2018 event at Gurteen College, Tipperary on the 21st August 2018. A great atmosphere was had on the day and  Abbey were only delighted to be part of this very informative event.

Abbey Machinery have Static Feeders ideal for AD Plants. Currently there is a VF2450 at Grange Research Centre in Meath to feed the AD Plant.

There was a great interest in Feed solutions for winter fodder shortages. Diet Feeders to handle alternative feeds like fodder beet, straw, brewing by-products etc.

Again, a lot of queues for Slurry Application Systems. For example DM Band Spreader to retrofit to existing and new tankers, and the Tri-App which is soil engaging to attain more fertiliser value from the Slurry.

From an AD plant perspective there was also interest in this new emerging sector in Ireland.

Overall the mood was very positive and there is certainly a buzz around renewable energy possibilities at the show. We at Abbey are happy to have Static Feeders to Feed the bio-plants and also a range of 37 different tanker models to apply the digestate in an environmentally friendly way to the land”, remarks Michael A.O’Grady


Source:  Farm Equipment Specialists Worldwide | Abbey Machinery.


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