New model with new feedroll drive by an hydraulic motor, load-sensing electro-hydraulic functions powered by Power Beyond ports of the tractor, new header drive, ISOBUS controls, new “Stinger ready” spout, and much more.

High technology, simple & affordable

The Dion engineers have integrated into the Scorpion 350, technology only previously found on some self-propelled harvesters, without compromising the profitability.

The harvester exploits all the power and technology available on today’s tractors like ISOBUS controls and load-sensing hydraulics. In addition to exploiting your existing tractor that is used year-round, the acquisition and operating cost are kept low.

Without a transverse auger, the straight line flow of the Dion harvester makes it the most efficient on the market. The silage is accelerated in a progressive manner at every step, without abrupt change in direction & without energy loss. The same efficiency as a self-propelled harvester at a fraction of the cost.

High Efficiency Electro-Hydraulics

The Scorpion 350 takes its hydraulic power from the Power Beyond ports of the tractor. The load-sensing system ensures maximum efficiency and does not require any cooler.

Large diameter hoses reduce the energy losses. All the functions of the harvester are grouped together in a hydraulic manifold with cartridge valves. The modular design is economical and easy to maintain.

The hydraulic functions provide precision and power. The connection is easy thanks to color and symbol coded anodized aluminum handles.  Only 4 lines are required for all functions.

Hydraulic Feedroll Drive

A heavy-duty, 46cc piston motor, coupled with a robust transfer box provide high output torque to feed the impressive harvester capacity. The simple setup largely reduces the number of parts.

The use of a hydraulic motor brings the benefits of smooth starts, independent of the PTO speed. The slow reverse speed ensures precise control of the feedrolls when reversing after a metal detection for example.

Easy to use ISOBUS Controls

Operating a forage harvester has never been so user-friendly. The Scorpion 350 connects to the ISOBUS implement connector of the tractor to load the graphical interface in the tractor display.  For non-ISOBUS tractors, a retrofit kit is available including a connection harness and monitor. The graphical interface provides a complete visualisation of the harvester state, adjusts the length of cut & operation functions.

For an optimal and ergonomic operation, an Aux-N ISOBUS joystick is recommended (available as an option). Some tractors allow the assignation of ISOBUS functions directly on the armrest joystick or button, making it even easier.

Source: Dion Ag Inc